making christmas - car playmats

so these were a really fun project to work on.. i made car playmats for sammy, aaron, and oscar.

sammy's was finished first (since it needed to be shipped to ohio) and i used ribbon ties on his. he also got a park with a lake that he could drive to and a store.

after making his and having a couple weeks of other projects in between, i decided to use something different to fasten the folded mat together:

aaron and oscar got tabs on theirs with velcro. i liked this solution a lot more, and wish i had thought of it the first time around.
instead of a park, they both got a used car lot. aaron loves to line up all this cars in a row, so he needed some extra parking lots. i was working on oscar's at the same time, so i made it the same as aaron's in hopes that he wouldnt figure out it was his.

he did notice there were two different ones, but figured that one of them was for sammy.

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--r said...

i don't think sam quite gets the idea of driving on the roads, but he likes to lie down on the mat (and keeps asking me to "fix it" when it gets rumpled beneath him).