making christmas - sister aprons

for robyn and angie, i whipped up some aprons. i'm really super excited about these aprons and hope to make one for myself.

instead of a loop or tie that goes around the neck, these have two long straps that are connected at the top which go over the shoulders, cross in back, slide thru loops at the waist, and then tie in back. a bit hard to explain (i included a drawing of what it should look like in the back when i wrapped them up).

this was my own invention, so hopefully they will get used and then robyn and angie can tell me if the design needs tweaking before i make one for myself. (dont worry, i did iron these a bit before wrapping them!)


Ang said...

I love it, and prefer this design because it doesn't tie around the neck. Although my other one that does, doesn't really bother me. Maybe because the straps are thick. Thank you :)

--r said...

i love mine too. especially the big pockets. thank you!!!