stash update!

so today i was washing baby clothes and diapers and thought i'd share an update of the fluff stash! i bought 2 dozen newborn prefolds and 2 dozen small prefolds from green mountain diapers because i had read really great reviews about their prefolds. kristen had a baby that outgrew the newborn prefolds in no time, so i bought 11 more from her. i have 5 covers with velcro and 3 covers with snaps, and that should be plenty! other new additions to the stash are the various prefolds, the two brown/pink fitted diapers, and a bag full of rockin' green detergent from the baby shower. also, i bought an orange fuzzi bunz diaper - love it! and when i bought that i got a free light purple bum genius 4.0. i also got a wet bag to shove yucky diapers in in my diaper bag and a pail liner to haul those stinky pants downstairs.

here they are all washed, sorted and ready to go. the small and regular sized prefolds dont fit in there, but by the time i'm using them, most of the newborn size can come out. (there's also a cameo of the belly in that shot)

things still on my list to get: the pail to put the pail liner IN, diaper sprayer, wipes, some sort of wipe solution (though i will probably try making my own), and maybe some diaper rash cream that's ok to use w/ cloth diapers.

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