alice's party foods

for our party beverages i was pinspired to have some fruity ice teas. but instead i made regular iced tea and a tea station.  all the little drink me bottles (pinspiration) have different flavors of simple syrup and behind that pitcher there are also two different kinds of fruit concentrate.

on the back of the drink me tags i wrote what flavor the simple syrup was. we had ginger, vanilla, and spiced. i also made some of these sugar cubes and forgot to take a picture. boo!

i liked this pin of hard boiled eggs topped with tomatoes, but they didnt sound like the tastiest option, so i used some mozzarella balls with cherry tomato tops. there was some sort of dipping sauciness, but i wish i had time to display these some other way (everything was WAY behind schedule and i was running on an hour of sleep). and now i'm thinking the egg ones would be awesome if you made deviled eggs with the tomato top..

and then there were these heart tomato tarts which i had really no time at all to work on and didn't finish making them.

some tea sandwiches which did not look nearly as pretty as the picture.

mushroom fondant candies (not fondant like you cover a cake with.. ) pinspired by robyn's fondants.

and some "eat me" cookies.. yum. i DID eat them. printable recipe card can be found over at robyn's blog for these yummiest of yummy cookies.

this is another entry for the pinspiration challenge!

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