unbirthday presents

so of course i had to send everyone home with a little 'thank you for coming' and what better for an alice in wonderland party than a deck of cards? the dollar bins at michael's had a couple different varieties of playing cards (neither matched the theme) in little plastic cases. so i snatched some up and put a picture of alice in her wonderland dress that her auntie danielle made her with her white rabbit that her aunt robyn made her (can you tell this girly is loved?). i also printed out a queen of hearts card to put in the bottom - just because it looked better like that.

the boys each got a red box (found at dollar tree) with a deck of cards, some pop-its (partly because of the fireworks cake in the disney movie and partly because pop-its are just fun), and a rabbit's foot (which, yes, is kinda creepy - but what else do you put in an alice in wonderland favor box for boys?!).

the boys also got some special cookies that i made just for them in their unbirthday present box.  they each got a white rabbit, heart, diamond, spade and club.

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