wonderland cake

alice's birthday cake was pinspired by this cake, but i really didnt want to do fondant because it's icky (yes it is. don't argue with me). so i frosted it in buttercream (the pink/purple, blue and greens) and used fondant to make the decorations. and since i got only an hour of sleep because i stayed up working on this, i'm putting FOUR pictures so you can enjoy from all sides.

and i totally left it on that turntable.. there was no way i was trying to lift that thing.

this was my first attempt at a tiered cake.. i was pretty happy with the fact that it was only SLIGHTLY crooked.

the top smash cake was red velvet, the second tier was white cake with a red velvet heart, and the bottom was chocolate/red velvet/chocolate.

and here is the inside of the heart cake. most people wanted chocolate cake, but i was ready to start forcing white cake on people just so i could see if this thing worked. (pinspiration) the chocolate/red velvet/chocolate with the white buttercream in between was actually pretty impressive looking itself...

alice's cake eating station

alice saying 'yay' about eating cake.

ok.. just one more picture of the cake..  my camera didn't quite capture how vibrant it was... but this picture makes it look sparkly... weird!

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