wonderland decor

for alice's wonderland decorations, i did a birthday banner using the vintage texture background

"don't step on the mome raths" sign made with foam core poster-board stuff and some brown craft paper and paint.

the full effect

and some mome raths inspired by these. i hot glued them on an old rug i had (though i'm not sure what to do with that rug now.. anyone need some mome raths?)

i also did some garlands with white roses painted red and playing cards and some balloons (because it's not a party without balloons). i'm not a fan of how the garlands turned out, but they were good enough and there was no time for something different.

i also did some this way, that way signs pinspired by these. more cardboard, brown craft paper and paint.

and of course some door knob accessories pinspired by this and this. also cardboard and paint. (and i totally forgot to put them on any of the door knobs.. DOH!)

i didn't get around to making a giant flower garden, but maybe she'll have another wonderland party someday.

i'm also linking this up for the subfertile frugalista's pinspiration challenge!

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--r said...

this is fantastic! totally worth waiting for.
i really wish i'd seen it in person!