oscar's valentines

this was oscar's first year of trading valentines with classmates, and i was so excited! he has been a bit star wars obsessed, so we found the idea for these valentines on pinterest. i didn't pin it, and now i can't find the pin! but i used the 5 to a pack glow stick bracelets from dollar tree and we taped the connector on the back so that the kids could wear them. i liked that we sent something non-sugary for the kids, because i know oscar came home with PLENTY of candy! this year for his valentine's day present we took him to see star wars in 3d and he was one happy camper!

we also made some of these for the grown-ups. (pinspiration)

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--r said...

i love the star wars card. great idea, but even better boy to put on it :)

is star wars going to be oscar's birthday theme? should we be looking for star wars legos?