tool party invite

it's already time to start working on the next party! oscar requested a tool party for his 5th birthday, so i made these tool box invitations.

the latches are glued down to hold it closed

it opens up and has the wording and some tools

the envelope has another hammer and some screw details on the back


--r said...

cool! how many invitations do you typically make for your parties? i hope you save one from each for the kids' memory books (or your portfolio!)

Missy said...

i usually make less than 10.. i made 7 of these - 6 to mail and 1 to keep in his baby book.

clh said...

I am new to blogging so bear with me. I found your invites on Pinterest. I want to have a tool party for my son who is turning 4. Where did you get the supplies to make the invites? Did you use a template to design and did you get off the web?

Missy said...

I didn't use any templates, just scrapbook paper from the craft store.

I fit two invitations on each piece of red cardstock by cutting it vertically down the center and folding it into three sections (one smaller to be the "lid"). Then I printed the party information on the orange cardstock and cut them out in rectangles - You could just write the information out on the orange. Then I cut blue rectangles that were slightly larger to give a border to the orange ones. And then I drew and cut out a template of each tool to trace onto grey and colored cardstock. The latches and locks were cut out of grey cardstock and detail was added with grey marker. The handle was cut from black cardstock. Then it was all glued together!

I used black cardstock to make the envelopes and made the embellishments on the envelope the same way as the ones on the card.

I hope this is helpful!