Class Favorite

A few weeks ago Oscar came home with a note that said he was voted as the favorite boy in the class and that we needed to help make the parade float that he would be riding on in the homecoming parade. We were a bit surprised, Oscar can be a bit.......odd (just look at his parents... they're crazy people...), but we were proud and excited for him! Here he is on the float - they all were dressed as police officers and had the other team's mascot in jail.

Here they are getting ready to go. somewhere between here and where we saw him in the parade he manage to eat TONS of candy and had chocolate smeared all over his face.

Alice had lots of fun picking up candy and putting it in her purse.  When Daddy or Nana didn't go get the candy out of the street fast enough I had to hold her back so she wouldn't get run over. She also ended up with 6 necklaces.

Here they come - class favorites!

Can you see the smarties he threw us?

Since we planned on taking Oscar to a football game, we figured we should go to the homecoming game since he had been in the parade.  It was a perfect crisp fall evening and the kids had lots of fun and Oscar even tried to watch the game.  The girl from his class that was voted class favorite was also at the game, and Oscar was heartbroken when he realized she left and he didn't get to say goodbye. He was crushed. We tried to mend his broken heart with funnel cake, but ended up leaving the game a few minutes early. Hopefully it was just because he was worn out from all this fall fun, I don't think I'm ready to worry about girlfriends.

Things checked off the list:
  • Wear scarves
  • Go to a football game with Oscar

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--r said...

Oscar is my favorite boy in his class too. :)
Alice's little ponytails are just about killing me with cuteness.