Halloween - pumpkin carving

We spent last night working on some pumpkin carving! It's one of our favorite Halloween traditions, and it's fun to see the kids get into it.  Oscar was not grossed out by slimy innards this year.

And surprisingly, neither was Alice. It seems like most kids are put off by it at first, but she just dug right in!

She was also very focused on mapping out her pumpkin design.. She would pause every now and then to take it in and declare it "pretty!"

Jeremy helped with the actual carving part

While I helped Oscar with his

And then, as is tradition, we turned off all the lights so that we could sit and enjoy our work while sipping apple cider. Left to right- Alice, Oscar, Jeremy, Missy

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--r said...

fantastic! alice is such a little cutie pie. i want to squeeze her. my favorite is oscar's pumpkin. those flaming eyebrows are wonderful. such a creative family!