date night

the saturday after our pizza night jeremy and i packed up a picnic and drove to dauphin island. we ate lunch on the beach and then stuck our feet in the bay. it was a perfect picnic - i didnt even eat any sand. we also blew bubbles.. it was windy enough that we just held the wand up and the wind blew the bubbles for us. we drove around dauphin island and jeremy showed me a few houses he had wired.

the bridge that makes me nervous

welcome to dauphin island

houses on stilts - they always look so silly to me...

here we are enjoying some perfect picnic weather

the water is still a bit chilly (notice jeremy's expression)

after our picnic we drove to mobile and looked at a couple more houses that jeremy worked/is working on. we got a motel room and changed for going out. we went to see coraline in 3d.. it was really neato... the 3d is so fun, i wonder what oscar would think about it. the textures look amazing. after that we got a very very late dinner at applebee's because it was next to the theater and we were worried that everything else would be closed by the time we drove anywhere. then back to our room. we left mobile shortly after breakfast because oscar had a stomach bug.

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--r said...

wow! that sounds fabulous. your date nights always sound so fun!