family picnic

this weekend jeremy's mom had a family picnic at her house. despite the mud and puddles all over, we had a great time.

i was in charge of invitations.. it was short notice, so i did postcards.

cheesy cowboy

aaron lost his pants in a mud puddle

aunt janie, lane, aunt mary and rosie enjoying some shade

oscar and lane put some party favors from oscar's bday to good use

jeremy held my hat for me while i took the bike for a ride

aunt janie put her feet up while danielle went to work cutting aunt mary's hair

jeremy started some bottle cap races which were a big hit

oscar declared it snack time, so we marched back to the house for some cookies.

we organized a quick relay race. here are jeremy and his uncle nigel facing off in the bean bag balance. unfortunately (for you, not me) there were no pictures taken of me running with a penny between my knees.

hula hoop fun for everyone

the night ended with a wienie roast around the campfire. this is actually a picture of jeremy and his cousin, david, wringing their socks out by the campfire. (it really was quite wet)

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--r said...

what fun! we want to come play!