friday night fun

since i had the stomach bug so long, i didnt get a chance to post any of this fun stuff we've been doing, so now i have to catch up!

we've declared friday nights 'family cooking night'. it wasnt something we planned - we just happened to make biscuits together on a friday night and decided it was lots of fun. so we've planned something to make together the past two weeks.


on friday the 20th we used this crust recipe and made pizza. we ended up making one supreme, one ham & pineapple, and a small stuffed crust with mushrooms and ham. it turned out so yummy that we called jeremy's mom over to eat some. we had LOTS of leftovers (which were also good.. mmm)

jeremy cutting pizza

supreme pizza (supremely good)

oscar waiting for a slice

me cutting up the ham & pineapple pizza

chocolate chip cookies:

this past friday we made chocolate chip cookies. actually, we forgot to plan something to make for our special night and i was planning on making chocolate chip cookies anyway, so we did it together. they could have used a bit more flour than the recipe called for...


this is how oscar looks when he says 'cheese!'


--r said...

super yum! does oscar help cook? or does he help by watching and taste-testing? love the photo of him saying cheese! have you tried having him say "fuzzy pickles"?

missy said...

he helped 'decorate' the pizzas... he LOVED it. he also got to help measure some things for the cookies.