the party

party highlights:

oscar chatted with and entertained his party guests.

we ate like a bunch of hungry caterpillars. the punch seemed to be a big hit.. (thank you paula deen and i'm sorry we make fun of your accent..)

aunt janie tried to pin the caterpillar on jeremy while we played games.

then there was some chasing/tickling/laughing.

we skipped right to opening presents.. we figured if oscar sat down to eat cake he'd fall asleep.

oscar and aaron checked out oscar's bat mobile (or batsicle as lane calls it)

we sang to oscar

and he blew out the candles (with a little help from daddy)

cake was served with options. chocolate? yellow? ice cream on cone or on cake? jeremy chose both and on cake.

the birthday boy finished off the party with a lollipop and a nap

later that evening, paw paw came over and oscar opened up a tool set. he immediately went to work on his batmobile.. i guess it came with a faulty gas cap?

dont worry, he got it running again..

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--r said...

go batman go!