fun happenings

last weekend jeremy put a cereal shelf in the kitchen for me! yay! we usually have more cereal than will fit in the cupboards, and if it's on top of the fridge i have to rearrange everytime i need any flour/sugar/cornmeal/monsters (you should always keep your monsters in the upper cabinets so that the kids dont let them out). now it's out of the way but still in reach...

and since it's easy to get to the flour and sugar, today i was hungry for some pumpkin bread, so i got out my handy dandy pumpkin pan that i got for christmas from robyn and mike. i really should have been doing other things, but i made these instead.. they're so fun! i think next time i'll probably decorate the bottoms like tops for smaller portions. i think i'll make these next time i have to take food somewhere (probably a meeting)..

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Anonymous said...

Now I know what I've been doing wrong. I forgot to keep the monsters in the top cupboard! I think I'm going to get some use out of that next time Bonden watches his favorite/scariest show, "The Haunting Hour." He loves it even though it makes him afraid of his closet.

The mini pumpkin cakes look delicious. I know whenever I look at your blog I'm going to have to go scrounging for a snack!