games and favors

we played a couple games at oscar's party. one was a caterpillar hunt. i printed a bunch of caterpillars and cut them out.. jeremy hid them around the apartment for kids to find. lane and aunt janie won that game. aaron found two and put them in the trash.

then we played a pin the caterpillar on the food game. i printed food from the book with different points on it. we each got two turns...

i won this one because i got my caterpillar on the nice green leaf, but oscar came in second place. we all had fun playing.. even the "grown ups"

i got these magnetic clips from the dollar tree and put oscar's picture in them for party favors.

for lane and aaron, we also had fruit shaped sidewalk chalk, butterfly nets, giant bubble wands, and fruit scented bubbles in fruit shaped bottles in a bucket.

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