potty break

i'm on day 3 of a stomach bug and on day 2 of serious big boy pants wearing potty training with oscar, so i haven't had much time for posting. here is oscar sleeping on his potty:

yesterday he used his potty 31 times. he had one accident the first time i put on his big boy underpants, but none after that. (not that he had a chance with going every 5-25 min). the sleeping picture is from sunday.. he was trying out his new froggy potty and apparently it's comfy.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe you counted all 31 visits to the potty. Looks like it wore him out!

--r said...

were you all sick? i hope you're feeling better soon. and i hope oscar is ready to potty like a pro :)

missy said...

oscar was sick over the weekend, i've been sick since monday morning. jeremy has escaped so far..

oscar only used the potty about 21 times yesterday, but also had 2 accidents.. we're trying to figure out how often we HAVE to go.. it seems like every 30 min..