oscar's birthday cake

i finished oscar's birthday cake this evening.. i used two bundt cakes to make a caterpillar. then i decorated it like the very hungry caterpillar. it was fun painting on the cake.. i even used a big plastic tray as a palette to mix icing colors with. hershey kisses for the feet.

i usually wrap some cardboard in foil for a cake board, but i dont like the way it looks. i liked how danielle wrapped hers in wrapping paper for lane's birthday, but it showed some grease spots on it.. so i cut a piece off of a $1 plastic tablecloth and taped it on some cardboard for this one. it worked great.. it was really easy to wipe up any icing that was out of place.


ang said...

Wow Missy, that looks great!! Happy Birthday Oscar.

--r said...

brilliant! it looks just like the hungry catterpillar!

Anonymous said...

Dang. You are so clever!

Di said...

Hi, I googled cake ideas for this same party theme for my daughter & your blog came up. The cake you made is so great! I plan on making something very similar. If you don't mind me asking how long did the cake take you to put together & frost? Also about how much frosting did you use? I would appreciate any tips or advice you can give my email is d.mansfield03@gmail
Take care,