happy 1st birthday abby!!!

the cutest niece ever is turning 1 whole year old today. as i said earlier, i did a bit of sewing for her birthday. the first outfit i did was exactly like the one that they showed on the pattern, because it was so darn cute and there was blue gingham on sale. how could i resist?

i had a harder time picking a fabric for the second one, but the butterfly camo won. jeremy really thought i should add ammo storage... i at least did orange rickrack in case she's hunting on public land.

oscar was nice enough to let me try the dress on him.. it's especially smashing over his batman pajamas. i think this is the sort of picture i'm supposed to save for future girlfriends...

i also made one of those fabric books that comes as a yard of fabric and you sew it together, but forgot to take a picture. we hope you have a fabulous birthday, abby!


--r said...

oscar makes a great model. what a good sport! those photos had me cracking up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure the model photos are damaging enough for future girlfriends. Oscar doesn't look quite happy in them. Now if he's wearing a pink tutu and grinning from ear to ear, that's the one you save as blackmail.

Your sewing projects are impressive indeed. You have a lucky niece!