Avengers Movie Night Sleepover

A couple weeks ago Oscar earned a special Avengers sleepover with Jeremy for good behavior at school. He had to get green dots all week for the sleepover, so it all was very last minute because we didn't know until he came home on Friday if it was on or not. I did a spur of the moment Avengers lunch for him for that Friday, in hopes that if he had made it through the first half of the day the Avengers lunch would remind him to be good so they could have their sleepover. PB&J Thor w/ string cheese hammers, H for Hulk cucumber, and Captain America apples. I still haven't figured out how to turn a satsuma into Iron Man.

I ran to the store in town and picked up a few supplies on Friday morning, in hopes that Oscar would bring the green dot home.  Once he got home I went to work on some goodies and Jeremy rented the movie on PPV. I guess I should note here that this evening involved lots of processed foods we usually try to avoid...

They each had a bottle of some sort of green sport drink and I used the idea from Cute As a Fox to do these Hulk faces. I just drew these on with a sharpie, since this was all last minute and rushed.

 Oscar thought I should have finished it, so he finished them for me.

Iron Man open faced sandwiches, which I saw somewhere else online and now can't find. hamburger buns (was hoping for bagels, but they don't sell bagels in my town), salami, and american cheese. There were also some Thor hammers using cheese and Pringles Stix.

For dessert there was pistachio Hulk pudding (with a baby Hulk for Alice). Pistachio pudding and Mini Oreos.

I made these Thor hammers out of marshmallows, melted milk chocolate bars, and honey butter flavored Pringles Stix. We snacked on these and some popcorn during the movie.

 And then later we had some Captain America shields.  I should have saved these for breakfast because we were all so stuffed full of junk food by then.  Iced honey buns, fruit roll-ups and sour gummy candy things.


--r said...

what fun ideas! of course the photo of oscar wins for awesomeness.
when we have a movie night sam is lucky enough to get popcorn (which he usually thinks is treat enough). i think his brain would explode if we went to these lengths (or else he wouldn't really care at all, i'm never sure :)).

Jeremy said...

you're the awesomest mom oscar is soooooo lucky :D