GABI September

Phase 2 of GABI had two domestic challenges - Kitchen deep clean before and after, what is your cleaning routine and what sort of cleaning products do you use?

So above is about how our kitchen usually ends up. We do a nightly dishes/counters/sweep cleaning and Monday is my day for deeper kitchen cleaning - fridge, oven, microwave, mop. We use vinegar/water/tea tree oil and baking soda for most of our cleaning needs. I added some printables that I found on pinterest, but can no longer find the website they came from!

Challenge #2 was to pick a nook that needed some TLC, what sort of things did you buy to help organize? pinspiration?

This nook needed a LOT of work. It was mostly just straightening things up, taking some things off of the bookshelves so that they didn't feel as cluttered, and dealing with that stack of stuff by the wall.

The computer chair FINALLY got some new fabric on it (it only took 4 years after blogging about it...). The bumbo got a belt attached and was set aside for Lucy. Some work things got taken to work, a few books got put in a donate box.

I did buy the two drawers that are underneath the printer.  I had been searching and searching for one drawer that would fit there, but after months of carrying around the measurements and a tape measure, I gave up and bought these.  The books and dvds in the basket on the printer are all ones that I've listed on paperback swap and swap-a-dvd. 

The nook looks a lot better now and hopefully upkeep will be easier! 


--r said...

stellar job!
i need to work on some of these challenges! my entire house needs some TLC. i did take four bags of old clothes to goodwill last week, so i'm counting that as progress. i still need to organize my closet again (take summer things out and store those away, etc.) so much to do, so little time (particularly when i enjoy sleeping so much!)

Jennifer said...

I love the computer chair!