Halloween decor

A quick post to share our Halloween decor before it has to come down. All of these are things we put out every year. I made the garlands back in 2009 and posted about them here. Everything else has just been collected here and there throughout the years. Signs and lanterns from the dollar tree, hat from Jeremy's wizard costume, owl lamp from walmart YEARS ago. I love having Halloween decorations up, and I'm always sad when they have to be packed away.

This post is the decor for my GABI Autumn (Photo) Bucket List, one of our October challenges.


TreehuggerLoveEarth said...

Cute! I love the lanterns! Found you thru Marie's Bucket list (also participating). Happy Halloween!

Missy said...

Thanks for stopping by!

--r said...

you always have the funnest looking house of anyone i know.