Luke and Leia

Last Wednesday I pulled an all-nighter to get these costumes finished up in time for treat street at the high school.  Oscar was thrilled with his costume, and Alice kept her Leia hat on for the whole thing, so I'd call it a success!

My fierce children

A heart-melting daddy-daughter moment. 

I actually did get around to making them trick-or-treat bags... unfortunately is was the last 30 minutes before we had to leave! eek! The boot covers could use some work, but I ran out of time. They may get fixed at some point.... they may not. I'm thinking about doing a post on costume details, as that would have been nice to find when I was researching.

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--r said...

They look fantastic! That photo of Daddy and Leia is definitely one for the album.
That reminds me, Sam mentioned that he thinks Oscar should bring his costume when you visit so they can be Luke Skywalkers together. :))