Experimental pizza leftovers

Most of the time our homemade pizzas end up costing more than we would spend on a frozen pizza. Here are two things I thought of to help keep cost down. 

When we make the whole wheat pizza crust that I posted, We can make two large thin crust pizzas and two boy size personal pizzas. If we don't have company, I plan on trying to freeze those pizza duplicates for an easy weeknight meal the following week. Pizza freezing suggestions welcome!

I also planned an extra meal that would use up any extra ingredients. The pesto, sausage and tomato pizza left us with 1/2 lb. Italian turkey sausage and a bit of pesto, so I added onion, garlic and bell pepper, some whole wheat pasta, a can of fire roasted garlic tomatoes, and some spinach. It turned into the pasta version of the pizza we had and it was yummy! We also had some glazed carrots along with.

This pasta was also yummy cold, so we all had it for lunch the next day!


--r said...

i wish our freezer had room for frozen pizzas, that would be lovely. i wonder if i could make frozen calzone-type things? i bet that would take up less space. i'm making soup to freeze today (probably should be doing that now instead of reading lovely blogs ;)).

Missy said...

I'm hoping since they will be thin crust they'll just slide right in on top of everything else. You could probably do any pizza thing - even mini pizzas stacked up with paper between to separate them.