Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

We wanted to have things on our bucket list in an activity jar so that we could just pull something out and then do it, but since they can't all be done spur of the moment, I divided them up into three jars. For the things in the "EAT" jar, we can choose one before I go grocery shopping so I can pick up supplies.  The "ADVENTURE" jar has things that take a little bit of planning or good weather, like nature walks, picnics and pumpkin patch. Those will work best if we choose them at the start of the weekend.  "PLAY" has good spur of the moment activities for when we have a spare hour or two when we're home. Since this is my 400th post, I was hoping to have some sort of giveaway, but I couldn't think of what to give away. So instead, you can download and print these things here: eat, play, adventure, jar labels, round labels, background and make your own activity jars for the season! The to-do pages have blank strips so you can add some things from your bucket list as well.


--r said...

great list! we're doing farmers' market today (spider! apples! fall veg! woot!), maybe some leaf raking. i really need to get to the fabric store and start on costumes. ack! the plus side of october flying by will be that the visit to ohio will be SOON!

Torrey said...

So jealous of those Scottish games!

Nici said...

Love this idea!