camping - day 1 (part 2)

so.. as i said, we walked to the office to pay for our campsite. i saw that they had a piece of paper taped on the computer monitor that had a list of their better campsites, and 69 made the list. they had an interesting bulletin board to look at, along with a nice nest/hive collection. according to those signs, there are bungalows and cabins. i'm not really sure what exactly a bungalow is, but it sounds cabin-like and it's fun to say. i'm wondering it they are available during the winter.. i might look into it.

bun·ga·low [buhng-guh-loh]
  1. a cottage of one story.
  2. (in India) a one-storied thatched or tiled house, usually surrounded by a veranda.
  3. (in the U.S.) a derivation of the Indian house type, popular esp. during the first quarter of the 20th century, usually having one and a half stories, a widely bracketed gable roof, and a multi-windowed dormer and frequently built of rustic materials.

oscar took a little snooze while we checked out the other campsites. we were looking for good places for tents, faucets that dont require rigging to be functional, and proximity to the bathroom, among other things..

while oscar was sleeping, we decided to swing on the swings at the playground. i hadnt visited the playground before and i was in for a pleasant surprise. it was nice and shaded with GIGANTIC swings and seesaws. they look like they'd been built for grown-up kids. so we swung on the swings...

and played on the teeter totter....

then jeremy tried out the slide.. which was NOT built for adults.. the only way he could get in was to go head first. maybe it was a good thing that the slide was not slippery, because it might have ended tragically. instead, he pretended like he was going fast for the pictures.

when oscar woke up he got his turn on the swings.. i dont think he had as much fun as i did.

but he had more fun on the teeter totter....

playing on the playground was so much fun! but soon we had to venture back to the campsite and cook some lunch.


--r said...

very responsible of you and jeremy to *test* the playground equipment.

CjH said...

Hey! You grew up in a BUNGALOW, silly! Somehow it sounds more exotic in your blog...