boys getting ready - hangers always seem to be a favorite toy around here.

aaron - ready to go (that hat only stayed on long enough for a photo op)

introducing - POOPSIE! -
family portraits. jeremy had to work late and didnt make it for the trick-or-treating.. we missed him so much.. what are whoopsie and poopsie without an oopsie?

here is some trick or treating action... oscar is trying to get in his pocket, danielle is talking, aaron is falling asleep, oscar made friends with raggedy ann, lane is just a handsome little fellow isnt he? and raggedy ann is pick or treating. that about wraps up the evening!

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--r said...

this is great! i love oscar and aaron's costumes. they look adorable (of course, they're adorable without costumes, so...)

the family portraits are super. i'm sorry jeremy wasn't able to be home for trick-or-treat. is that why oscar looks so serious?