more whoopsie

whoopsie showing some bloomers.

whoopsie also had a sign so the kids could pick what they wanted painted on them. it was a bad idea to use face paint for the sign because it smudged a lot and the sign was hanging where the kids could reach it. the model for the tiger face is lane and danielle is the model for the butterfly face. i had a tough time painting those little things on little moving faces.. i'll definitely need more practice if i'm going to do this again. the tiger and butterfly were actually easier for me to do because they were bigger.

this is aaron's cousin brooklyn. she was such a sweetheart! it's a good thing she had to leave for church, otherwise she might have ended up covered head to toe in face paint!

aaron's cousin breanna and his nana ruby both got butterflies. nana ruby was the only adult brave enough to ask for something. breanna also got the unicorn on one hand and the heart on the other.

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