fall festival

while danielle and i worked on aaron's birthday cake on saturday, jeremy took oscar and lane to the fall festival at the church. i guess they announced during the service that the kids should dress up, but oscar and lane were the only ones with costumes.

we fashioned oscar a hobo costume with things we already had around the house because his clown costume isnt ready yet. (i will be starting on it in the morning) he's terribly upset in the second picture because i got him all ready to go and excited and then jeremy left without him to go get the laundry. he kept his hat on and carried his bag around until daddy returned to take him away.

lane was a ninja. he's got great ninja posing skills.

i hear they rode on a lawn mower, played in a bouncy thing and did 'trunk or treat' out of peoples car trunks. jeremy and oscar participated in the cake walk but didnt win..

aaron hung out with us and we played a bit of peek-a-boo under the table.

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--r said...

poor Oscar! he looks absolutely CRUSHED!
i do love his "stubble" and Lane's ninja moves. that's a great ninja costume. i want one :))
Aaron has the sweetest expression in that last picture!