camping - yummy food

after fun fun fun at the playground we walked back to the campsite for lunch. we made some pizza hobo pies with pepperoni and/or canadian bacon (or as we call it - ham). for some reason we had stressed over the fact that we didnt have a grill brush to clean the grill with. we even stood in the grilling aisle at walmart and tried to decide which one do buy. a place to set our hot hobo pie irons was the only thing we actually used the grill for, but we'll have a grill brush for next time.

after lunch, we headed to the beach for a little dip in the lake. we didnt stay long and i didnt get any pictures...

we made pizza hobo pies again for dinner and then afterwards we made banana smiles. normally we would have waited until it was dark, but we wanted to make them while oscar was still awake.

we usually use peanut butter in our banana smiles, but thought the peanut butter cups would kill two birds AND be easier than spreading peanut butter in a banana. they were extra yummy. here is my banana smile assembly.

and jeremy making his banana smile masterpiece...

banana smiling (oscar's banana is peanut butterless)

after banana smiles and cleanup and oscar pooping EVERYWHERE and more cleanup, we turned in early. it was a perfect camping trip!

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--r said...

you're making me hungry!
i've heard about using peanut butter cups on s'mores, but didn't think about it in banana smiles. sounds yummy-ummers! and of course, who could pass up a chance for pizza hobo pies? NOT ME!