party time!

i think i'll do this in a few different posts.. this first one will be decorations. most of my contribution to the party decorations took place before the day of the party.. the last few hours of decorating time had to be spent decorating myself instead. also, i didnt get any nice looking photos.. i got there about 40 minutes early, but was already getting a line for face paintings..

in these photos we have the big top streamers, the 'happy first birthday aaron' sign, a bit of bunting. i usually spend hours and hours cutting letters and gluing and whatnot for birthday signs, but decided to just print this one. i'm sure it could have been cuter, but not faster. we had hoped to do some sort of fabric for the tent, but streamers were a lot cheaper.

all i did for this one was find the plastic popcorn box at target and add ribbons. danielle used part of the tablecloth (which was way too big for the table) and covered the front of the microwave cart. she cut out the one from some red sticker paper. the tablecloth and plates/napkins/cups/stuff was all found at super discount prices at hudson's. we <3 class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_6">hudson's.

danielle added some more big top streamers over on the other side of the room. we put up balloon streamers that she already had to add more color to that side of the room.

i made a clown out of construction paper to go next to the door. it was up in my apartment for awhile before the party until oscar and aaron ripped it down. the damage wasnt too noticeable.. and there is the pin the nose on the clown. the magnets i glued on the noses werent strong enough, so the night before i had to glue more magnets on. i need to get those back, all my stuff is falling off my fridge!

side note - i thought it was funny that i was reading this post while writing this. another child's birthday party sunday with help from another sister-in-law also named melissa. maybe melissa and i are party planning soul mates?

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--r said...

Missy!! this is wonderful! i'm SO glad you documented so much of it with photos. it looks like it was certainly a party to remember—even if the birthday boy doesn't, everyone else probably will!