yummy yummy in my tummy

the birthday cake making was a late night event, as usual. we were getting a bit silly by the time 3am rolled around. i found the idea for the cake and directions here. we used food dye to color white chocolate for the ears, stars and tail. i made a mold for the ears by folding strips of foil and hot gluing them to a piece of wax paper. for the stars i glued my star shaped cookie cutter to the wax paper. the cake was two 9" x 13" cakes stacked, cut in half and rounded with a serrated knife. sculpting the cake was lots of fun.. i think danielle was worried that i would get carried away and there wouldnt be any cake left. we thought the elephant should be laying in hay, but by the time we got to that step we were REALLY silly. we decided that it looked nothing like hay.. but more like spaghetti, mustard, ramen or cat poo. so if you look closely, you can see where danielle wrote 'cat poo' and 'ramen' in the hay. also, danielle's mom found those clown figurines at the thrift store, isnt that perfect?

we had some yummy circus foods for the party. hot dogs, nachos, circus peanuts, popcorn and fruit with fruit dip. danielle made the fruit tray into a clown's face.

and of course we need a picture of the birthday boy enjoying his cake! he thought it was delicious.

the ice cream, on the other hand, was a bit too cold and the cake eating ended very abruptly.
aaron is sporting a spaghettio bib by the awesomest mom ever. (that would be my mom)

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--r said...

the cake turned out great! the elephant looks very dumbo-esque. :)
too bad Aaron was traumatized by the ice cream. i'm sure that he'll come around sometime.