pumpkin carving night!

tonight we carved pumpkins! it's one of my favorite halloween traditions. i love picking out the perfect pumpkin, toasting pumpkin seeds and sipping hot apple cider. oscar got to participate this year (sorta). he sat at his high chair next to us and played with pumpkin goo. he tasted it a few times and then decided it was more fun to throw it in the pumpkin goo bowl. i wish i had gotten more pictures of the evening, but the pictures of the results will have to do.

here are our pumpkins.. mine, oscar & nana's, and jeremy's. i was going to carve oscar's for him, but we thought it would be fun for nana to carve with us. mine is pretty boring, but i was more interested in not burning the pumpkin seeds this year. i promise to be more creative next year.

all lit up. i sprinkle pumpkin pie spices on the lids so they smell extra yummy when the candle is burning, like mom does.

jeremy did an awesome job... i think he wins best pumpkin this year

and i think these are the best pumpkin seeds i've ever made. i used this recipe and followed some of the suggestions that other people made. i ended up using something along these lines:

2 tablespoons margarine, melted
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/8 cup Worcestershire sauce
pumpkin seeds from 3 pumpkins

they're tasty tasty. it's fine with me that i'm the only pumpkin seed fan in the house.

i stayed up late to make this recipe. i plan to take these chocolate spiders with me to my breastfeeding meeting on friday. i'm not sure that they're all that fantastic, but they were cheap and easy. plus, i already had leftover red frosting i could use for the eyes! i'll take a picture at some point if i get a chance.

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