circus invitations

my nephew aaron will be turning a year old on the 26th and is having a circus themed birthday party. i based the invitations on this circus ticket from oscar's first circus.

here is the finished product to be shipped out tomorrow. i'm really happy with how much i was able to do using paint and microsoft word. maybe someday i'll have something better to work with.

the front and back of the ticket

since there were only about 15 invitations to do, i put the name and addy on each one before printing. (not shown - i didnt want to give out any addresses, so i printed it blank - i should have made up an address so i could show off the cute circus fonts some more)

the inside of the flap is a circus tent and then there's the speed&rudd circus banner... i'm really hoping that the flap wont rip when people open up the envelope... there was no time for a test run

there is the ticket going in the envelope

and the ticket in the envelope.. i like how the edge w/ the stars is peaking out.

since i didnt want the flaps to rip when the envelope was opened i glued on these little sticker things to seal them.. the stickers were a free pdf from here. we didnt actually have sticker paper.. just used cardstock and tacky glue.

tada! hopefully danielle will remember to mail them.. or will mail them before crushing them in a diaper bag.. i wont hold my breath


Anonymous said...

Wow Missy,
You are amazing!!!! Ever consider a career in Party planning?
Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

--r said...

i agree!! they're BRILLIANT!!!
i hope you printed an extra that you could keep somewhere for your records. you should keep a scrapbook or something with all your stuff so you have something to show people when you start that party planning business :)