oopsie and whoopsie

the creation of oopsie and whoopsie was the most time consuming part of the party planning. jeremy did a lot of work on his costume (sewing buttons, adding elastic, picking a face design, sewing up his leggings). we purchased a few clown essentials from lucky's clown supplies. the service was FANTASTIC. i recommend them for all your clowning needs. (though i dont know of anyone reading this that HAS clowning needs) so along with that and our clown loot from the thrift store, we bought a couple yards of fabric, some trim and some yarn and buttons and that was about it. oh, and a wig for jeremy.

the makeup was a first attempt at clown grease paint makeup for me. i was so happy with the outcome of my eyes and mouth that i almost forgot the red nose! i did both of our faces and by the time we finished we had to run around like mad to get dressed and get to the party on time. when we got home there were clothes everywhere and baby powder all over the bathroom.

a lot of oopsie's clothes were almost straight off the rack. a few buttons here, some elastic there, a bow tie.. tada! we found his hat in the bin and glued a belt around it. he also has suspenders made of miss-match belts, but they dont show much in these pictures. and of course he has his balloon apron for holding all of his ballooning accessories. a pocket for his pump, two pockets for balloons and one pocket for little toys to give to the kids. he sure is a handsome clown!

whoopsie's costume required a bit more construction. the hat was made and the wig made out of yarn was attached to the inside. the shirt was made of various other articles of clothing. the pink polka dot skirt was made, along with part of the fluffy under layers. the red ruffly skirt was in the clown loot and only needed the waistband removed and some elastic (it was for a small girl). my bloomers were made out of a costume dress of belle from beauty and the beast with some trim around the legs. i also added some ruffles to a pair of socks. then i made some flowers and sewed them on top.

we had so much fun that we've been talking about doing some clowning for other events. jeremy's mom already requested us to come to her sunday school class. i was surprised by how much fun jeremy had and how quickly he agreed to do it again.


--r said...

the two of you are so cute! i can't imagine any other adults i know going to these lengths to entertain kids at a birthday party (and not getting paid for it) - it's just too wonderful!
oscar is so lucky to have parents that know how to have fun. how did he handle the transformation? did he watch you get ready, or was he at the party with the others already? did he even RECOGNIZE you?

oh... and what's oscar's clown name going to be?

missy said...

he handled it pretty well.. i came out into the living room every once in awhile while i was putting on my makeup, so he got to see it in progress. his nana asked him who we were once we were at the party and he still knew mama and daddy.. it probably helped that he saw us making the costumes for so long. i cant wait until i finish oscar's costume (hopefully today) and i can get the sewing machine off my dining room table. it feels like it's been living there for a month or so.